Abuja Youth Convention Day 2

  • 1/7
    Lead Apostle Nwogu at the Altar during the youth service
  • 2/7
    Right to left: Apostles Rotimi, Odili, Nwanza and District Elder Alex during the opening hymn
  • 3/7
    The youth choir during then divine service
  • 4/7
    Brother Usunlele receiving from the Lead Apostle the assignment as the Northern Nigeria Youth Leader
  • 5/7
    Lead Apostle Nwogu assigning duties to the members of area youth leadership committee
  • 6/7
    Priest Richard playing the keyboard piano during the youth service
  • 7/7
    Apostle Ernest Onwukwe, one of the executive committee members for the National Youth Convention Benin 2020 congratulating the new leaders on their assignment as Northern Nigeria youth leadership

The mini youth convention was concluded with a divine service conducted by Lead Apostle Nwogu on Sunday 8th September 2019.  

After reading a text word out of the Gospel according to Matthew 13:16, “But blessed are your eyes for they see, and your ears for they hear”

Lead Apostle Nwogu thanked the youth for their labour in the Lord's vineyard and charged them to be strong in the teachings of faith, and hold on tenaciously to the doctrine of the church.  

Referring to the text word, the Lead Apostle used the example of Simeon in the book of Luke, a devout and just man who inspired by the Holy Spirit said “For my eyes have seen Your salvation…” He told the youth to hold unto what they heard and seen of the Gospel and the doctrine of the Apostles.

He told the youth that, they have seen the work of salvation and must hold onto the promise of the return of Christ.  He also told them to hold unto all that they hear at the altar of grace as these messages and the Gospel of Christ will enable them to be strong in faith and help them to be of good behaviour in the community they find themselves   

He was assisted at the altar by Apostles Onwukwe, and Rotimi.

After the divine service, the Lead Apostle also assigned the role and duties of youth leadership to the new youth leaders of Northern-Nigeria apostle area, urging them to work for a better preparation of the upcoming National Youth Convention in Benin City, Nigeria.  

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