Face to face with District Apostle

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    District Apostle arriving at the church lobby for the youth interaction
  • 2/14
    A memorable selfie with the District Apostle
  • 3/14
    A group photo with the District Apostle
  • 4/14
    One of the presentations
  • 5/14
    District Apostle with a section of the youth after the program
  • 6/14
    Apostle Usoro, District Elder Oscar and District Apostle with the youth
  • 7/14
    The District Apostle, Lead Apostle and other Apostles during the one of the presentation
  • 8/14
    ‘Here I Am’ with District Apostle
  • 9/14
    The District Apostle during the interview
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    Joyful youth posing with the District Apostle
  • 11/14
    A youth interacting with the District Apostle, the Lead Apostle and Apostle Hagher of Lagos
  • 12/14
    Selfie moment with the District Apostle
  • 13/14
    One of the presentations during the program
  • 14/14
    District Elder Oscar with a youth

The 8th December 2018 will remain in the memories of many youth in the Lagos district as District Apostle Michael Ehrich interacted with them concerning the upcoming International Youth Convention (IYC) in Dusseldorf, Germany, next year 2019.  He was accompanied by the Lead Apostle as well as all Apostles and Bishops in Nigeria.

The event began with a welcome song by the youth titled ‘Eku Abo’. Following a prayer by the District Apostle, the youth sang their composed IYC song, ‘Greetings to you all Youth in Christ’. Afterwards, there was a brief explanation of the motto and image of the IYC 2019, and this was immediately followed by short drama presentations on the motto of the IYC, ‘HERE I AM’.

The youth also took the opportunity to ask some questions on the upcoming IYC conference to which the District Apostle responded with so much enthusiasm.  

Asked about his feelings towards the IYC 2019 conference, the District Apostle intimated that it was his wish that all youth could be there although not possible due to travelling expenses and other logistics.

Another youth enquired of his expectations towards the IYC, especially from Nigeria. He responded that he expected well prepared presentations and a variety of activities from the youth. He indicated that those who may not be able to be there physically could join via social media or send messages to other youth via post cards. He praised the Nigerian youth for their outstanding quality and willingness in Africa.

In response to a question on the challenges being faced in organizing the event, the District Apostle indicated that a major concern is the cost of bringing youth from Africa which has the highest youth representation in the Church. Another is the size of budget and sacrifices to host youth from the world over. He did assure the youth of careful and detailed planning.
The District Apostle in a final answer to a question concerning his wish for the youth activities in Nigeria, encouraged them to make Jesus Christ the centre point of every activity. He urged the gathering to be desirous of, and get more involved in God’s work.
At the end of the program, the youth took turns to have photo sessions and personal interactions with the District Apostle and other ministers.

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