Pentecost Divine Service live in Nigeria

  • 1/11
    Lead Apostle Nwogu with all Apostles and Bishops in the Central church Lagos sacristy before the live transmission of Pentecost divine service in Vienna, Austria
  • 2/11
    Participants during the live transmission in Ikeja central church
  • 3/11
    Pentecost divine service live in Ikeja central church, Lagos, Nigeria
  • 4/11
    Apostles and Bishops after the live transmission of 2017 Pentecost divine service in The Central Church Ikeja, Lagos
  • 5/11
    District Elder rtd Omeh, District Elder Oscar Kabanga, Priest rtd Lawani and District Elder rtd Samson during the Pentecost service in Ikeja, Central Church
  • 6/11
    Lead Apostle Nwogu and Ap Hagher saying good bye to the members at the end of the service
  • 7/11
    Lead Apostle Nwogu, Ap Hagher and Ap Rotimi during the live transmission
  • 8/11
    Live transmission in Benin/Edo state
  • 9/11
    Live transmission in Warri/ Delta state
  • 10/11
    Warri/delta state
  • 11/11
    Harcourt/Rivers state

It was a joyful and glorious PENTECOST DIVINE SERVICE 2017. All Apostles and Bishops were together in Ikeja Central Church in Lagos, 2 or 3 centers were connected in each of the 9 apostle working areas in Nigeria.  It was a great and wonderful experience. "LET US NOW SPEAK THE LANGUAGE OF OUR NEIGHBOUR." Receiving signal of live transmission has been made so easy due to competitions among telecom and internet provider companies in Nigeria.


The transmissions in all the centers were excellent.  Lead Apostle Nwogu had called all the Apostles and Bishops in Nigeria to join him in the central church Ikeja, Lagos for a meeting which he held on Friday and Saturday and on Sunday the 4th of June, they were all present to attend the live transmission of Chief Apostle PENTECOST DIVINE SERVICE 2017 in Vienna/Austria.  A total of about three thousand participants was recorded among the centers in Nigeria. 

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