Salvation to those who seek Him and do his Will

  • 1/9
    Apostle Ibekwe with District Elder Onyebuchi being received by Sunday School children at Umuja congregation
  • 2/9
    Apostle Ibekwe being welcomed by ministers in Umuja Congregation
  • 3/9
    Apostle Ibekwe at the altar
  • 4/9
    The choristers during the divine service
  • 5/9
    District Elder Onyebuchi at the altar assisting the Apostle
  • 6/9
    The Apostle holy sealing the 2 souls during the divine service
  • 7/9
    Apostle Ibekwe congratulating the newly ordained Priest
  • 8/9
    Two young Priests share a moment after the divine service
  • 9/9
    Apostle Ibekwe and District Elder Onyebuchi with the 106 year-old Godson Iboh in his home

Apostle Chima Ibekwe conducted a preparatory divine service for the departed at Umuaja congregation in Umaja District, Mid-East working area of Nigeria, on 23rd February 2020.

The text word was taken from Isaiah 55:1, ‘Ho! Everyone who thirsts, Come to the waters; And you who have no money, Come, buy and eat.  Yes, come, buy wine and milk
Without money and without price.’

In his elaboration, the Apostle started by encouraging the brothers and sisters, to do the work of God with their strength and might, for there is a reward for the work well done.

The Apostle went further and asked everyone to believe in Jesus Christ through the Apostles. While referring to Acts 4:12, the Apostle said: “Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved”.

In his conclusion, he called on everybody to come closer to God and prepare themselves for the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.

District Elder Stephen Onyebuchi and Shepherd Monday Okpuabia assisted at the altar. In this divine service, 2 guests received the act of holy sealing by the Apostle, and 1 Deacon was ordained a Priest.  82 members were in attendance.

After the divine service, Apostle Chima Ibekwe visited the oldest brother in the congregation, Brother Godson Iboh.  The brother could not make it to the divine service due to his old age. The visit was a great source of joy and blessing to the Brother Godson as he was full of gratitude to God to God for keeping him alive to experience this wonderful moment of an Apostle visiting his home, even in his latter days of life.  Our brother, Godson Iboh, is 106 years old.

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