Sharing Authority and Power with Jesus

  • 1/11
    Arrival of District Apostle Michael Ehrich in Uyo
  • 2/11
    Reception of District Apostle Michael Ehrich at Uyo
  • 3/11
    District Apostle Ehrich with Lead Apostle Nwogu, Apostle Ekpenyong and other ministers with members of the Children’s choir
  • 4/11
    District Apostle Michael Ehrich (left) with translater at the altar
  • 5/11
    Cross section of Apostles at the divine service in Uyo
  • 6/11
    Choristers during the divine service
  • 7/11
    Cross section of members at the divine service
  • 8/11
    Cross sectin of orchestra / choristers at the divine service in Uyo
  • 9/11
    Cross section of members at the divine service in Uyo
  • 10/11
    Ordination of District Ministers
  • 11/11
    Farewell from Uyo after the divine service

It was a very exciting and joyous moment as District Apostle Michael Ehrich, in the company of Lead Apostle Geoffrey Nwogu together with other Apostles and Bishops arrived to a warm welcome by the children’s choir at Uyo, South Central Area of Nigeria for a festive Divine Service on Friday, 7th December, 2018.

The District Apostle read a text word from Mathew 21:23, ‘Now when he came into the temple, the chief priests and the elders of the people confronted him as he was teaching, and said, “By what authority are You doing these things? And who gave You this authority?”’.

In his exhortation, the District Apostle said Jesus’ authority and power came from God. The authority of the Apostles to proclaim the glad tidings, baptize with water and Holy Spirit, forgive sins, prepare the bride of Christ and commission other ministers came from Jesus Christ. He further said the authority of the ministers to care for the flock of Christ came out of the Apostolate.

In concluding, District Apostle Ehrich said children of God also shared authority with Jesus Christ to proclaim the gospel in words and deeds. However, the task of the Apostles differs from that of the priestly ministries and other children of God.  
During the divine service four (4) District Elders and two (2) District Evangelists were ordained.

Among the Apostles in the company of the District Apostle were the host, Apostle Effiong Ekpenyong, Apostles Chima Ibekwe, Enobong Udoh and Samuel Usoro with Bishops Anthony Urom and Ime Udombang.

The festive divine service which commenced by 1:00 PM in the afternoon had 1,327 in attendance.

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