Spiritual Seed

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    Apostles and Bishops conference with District Apostle at Aba
  • 2/15
    Left to right: District Apostle Ehrich, Lead Apostle Nwogu, Apostles Ibekwe (Mid East), soro (southeast) and Odili (south) arriving at the venue of the concert in Aba (Mid East)
  • 3/15
    District Apostle greeting Sister Ogboru of South South before the concert at Aba (Mid East)
  • 4/15
    District Apostle addressing the congregation after the concert at Aba
  • 5/15
    Left to right: Apostle Rotimi, District Apostle, Apostle Ibekwe and Lead Apostle with a little brother who run very fast and extended his hand to greet the District Apostle after the concert
  • 6/15
    Apostles and Bishops waiting for the arrival of the District Apostle at Aba
  • 7/15
    District Apostle being received by the children on arrival at Aba (Mid East)
  • 8/15
    Left to right: Sister Nwogu and Ibekwe before the service Aba (Mid-East)
  • 9/15
    District Apostle at the altar at Aba during the divine service
  • 10/15
    The choir and orchestra during the divine service at Aba
  • 11/15
    Apostle Rotimi assisting during the divine service at Aba
  • 12/15
    The congregation during the divine service at Aba
  • 13/15
    Mid East District ministers during the service at Aba
  • 14/15
    Apostle Ibekwe and sister Linda during getting ready to receive the blessing on their 25th silver jubilee
  • 15/15
    Apostle Ibekwe and wife receiving their blessing from the District Apostle

The pastoral care visits of District Apostle Michael Ehrich of South Germany to Southern and Eastern Nigeria came to a climax on Sunday, 24th November 2019 with a festive divine service at Aba, Mid-East Area cared for by Apostle Chima Ibekwe.

The District Apostle read a text from Psalm 104:1, 14; ‘Bless the Lord, O my soul!  O Lord my God, you are very great: You are clothed with honour and majesty. He causes the grass to grow......’

In his exhortation, the District Apostle assured all that the Lord is in the midst of His congregation to grant peace to longing souls. He appreciates our sacrifices and labour of love however the proclamation of the pure gospel is paramount.

According to District Apostle Ehrich, this gospel is the spiritual seed. We should at all times bless the Lord for clothing us in honour and majesty, giving food in due season and providing for our spiritual needs. He went on to remind all that we depend solely on God for our earthly and spiritual life, cautioning that while the Lord provides the seeds, the harvest is our responsibility.

He referred to the parable of the sower (Matthew 13:7) where some seeds fell on thorny soil and urged all to be watchful as thorny soil is not only our moments of travail but also when we abandon God in our joyful period.

The District Apostle concluded that for seeds to have a positive effect in our lives:
* We must understand the Lord and be ready to learn from Him.
* Our faith must be strengthened by following the Lord and His Apostles
* We must take time to learn and acquire the nature of Christ.

Apostle Augustine Rotimi assisted at the altar. Two district leaders went into retirement while three new ones and two assistant district leaders were appointed.

The District Apostle also bestowed on Apostle Chima Ibekwe and spouse blessings on their silver jubilee wedding anniversary and wished them enduring peace and grace from God.
1,050 members and guests attended the service.

Prior to the service, the District Apostle, accompanied by Lead Apostle Geoffrey Nwogu and other Apostles and Bishops in Nigeria held a meeting the previous day in the afternoon before proceeding to watch a musical concert by the Mid-East Area choir in the evening.

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