The Love Of Christ

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    The choir during the youth service at Ikeja
  • 2/22
    Lead Apostle at altar at Ikeja during the youth service
  • 3/22
    Lead Apostle pose for a picture with the youth at the Ikeja chapel after the youth service
  • 4/22
    Lead Apostle with youth leaders during the inspection of the venue for the West youth convention
  • 5/22
    Lead Apostle and Apostle Nwanza at the gate of the Abeokuta Grammar School, the venue for the West Youth convention
  • 6/22
    Lead Apostle with District ministers after the meeting at Pako, Igbo ora
  • 7/22
    Sunday school children welcoming the lead apostle with his entourage
  • 8/22
    Lead Apostle, Apostle Nwanza and Bishop Adelabu being welcome by the Sunday school children at Igbo Ora
  • 9/22
    Bishop Adelabu assisting during the service at Igbo Ora
  • 10/22
    The choir at Igbo Ora congregation
  • 11/22
    Lead Apostle Appointing District Evangelist Sholola as the Igbo Ora District Rector
  • 12/22
    Lead Apostle center with Igbole congregation members after the divine service
  • 13/22
    A little sister asks Lead Apostle for a picture at Igbole congregation in Igbo Ora district
  • 14/22
    Children welcoming the Lead Apostle and entourage at Odo Ona congregation
  • 15/22
    Lead Apostle at the Altar at Odo Ona congregation, Ibadan
  • 16/22
    Odo Ona congregation during the divine service
  • 17/22
    District Evangelist Okon being assigned as the assistant District rector for Ibadan
  • 18/22
    The congregation before the divine service
  • 19/22
    Choir members immediately after the divine service
  • 20/22
    Appointment of Shepherd Wilson David as District Rector for Ibadan
  • 21/22
    Lead Apostle and Apostle Nwnza center, with Youth leaders during the visitation to Olumo Rock. The site seeing venue for the youth during the convention
  • 22/22
    Apostle Nwanza assisting at Odo Ona congregation at Ibadan

From Friday 14th to Sunday 16th June, 2019, Lead Apostle Geoffrey Nwogu paid a working visit to the Western Area of Nigeria cared for by Apostle Oscar K Nwanza and Bishop Isaak Adelabu.

Activities line up for the visit included Youth service, inspection of facilities at the proposed venue of the upcoming Youth Convention in August 2019, meeting with District ministers and divine services.

On arrival, the Lead Apostle conducted a divine service for the youths in Lagos with .107 in attendance. He reechoed the message of our Chief Apostle at the just concluded International Youth Convention in Germany with a word from John 13:34 - 35 " A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; as I have loved you......."
He urged the young people to love one another without expecting anything in return but as a commandment from God.

The Lead Apostle and his entourage on Saturday, 15th, visited Abeokuta, Ogun State in the morning to inspect facilities and their reediness at the proposed venue of their upcoming Youth Convention. Thereafter, He preceded to Igbo Ora District for meeting with district ministers on the new concept of ministry.  14 ministers were in attendance.

He concluded the day's itinerary with a divine service at Igbole with 90 brethren in attendance.
 He exhorted them with a text from 1 Corinthians 12 : 7  "But the manifestation of the Spirit is given to each for the profit of all"  In his message, he reminded all that love and gentleness are gifts inherent in us for the benefit of our neighbors, insisting that we should live our life for one another.

Our Lead Apostle rounded off his apostolic visit with a festive divine service on Sunday 16th, at Odo Ona congregation where 210 brethren were anxiously waiting for him. He charged the joyful congregation with a word from Hebrews 2 :1 ”Therefore we must give the more earnest heed to the things we have heard, lest we drift away"

Here, he urged them to hold unto what they have heard about the love of God, Christ’s sacrifice, death, resurrection, ascension and his eminent return. Apostle Oscar K Nwanza, and District elder Adenekan assisted at the altar. A special moment was observed, as the lead apostle by the commission of District Apostle Michael Ehrich, served holy communion for the departed to Bishop Adelabu and District Elder Adenekan.

In the divine services at Igbo ora and Odo Ona, the lead apostle Appointed 2 district leaders.
District Evangelist Sholola Matthews for Igbo Ora and Shepherd Wilson David for Ibadan.

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