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The Greatest Event under Heaven

South East Area welcomes Lead Apostle Geoffrey Nwogu

Lead Apostle Geoffrey Nwogu visits South Central Area

Preparing the Bride of Christ – our responsibility

Praise and right conduct glorify God

Ministers II: Seminar and Divine Service in South East Area

2018 Zonal Youth Summit in South Central Area, Nigeria

Childrens Day in Nigeria

2018 Children’s Day in South Central Area

Ibadan receives Lead Apostle on Pentecost

Who We Are

We are a christian church, active
in more than 200 countries worldwide.




Nigeria 294.000 + members in 1.000 congregations
NAC Worldwide 8.800.000 + members in 60.000 congregations

Our Activities

Divine service

In the divine service the congregation gathers to hear God's word and to receive grace and blessing. Human beings worship God in reverence and humbleness. Thus divine service is an encounter between God and man in which believers experience that God serves them in love.

Pastoral care

The objective of pastoral care is to support the believers and prepare them for the return of Christ, as well as to care for them spiritually in the most diverse situations of life. Pastoral care – which also relates to practical help in life – is a task for the entire congregation.

Children and youth care

The teaching of the Christian faith is imparted to children in Sunday school and confirmation classes. Thus guidance for our children and adolescents in leading their lives in awareness of their responsibility before God is provided.

Acts of blessing

In the New Apostolic Church, special blessings are dispensed for confirmation, engagement, weddings, and wedding anniversaries, as well as the prenatal blessing. On the occasion of funerals, spiritual assistance and comfort is provided.

Social commitment

With respect to the imperatives of Christian ethics, New Apostolic Church understands its duty to include charitable activity which benefits people irrespective of gender, age, colour, nationality, or religion. Non-profit charitable projects that serve the common good are supported, mainly through the relief organization, “NAC Mission Aid”.


The purpose of music in the New Apostolic Church is to praise and honour God (Psalm 150). Music can move the soul and impart courage, strength, and confidence, as well as comfort in times of sadness and hardship. Not least of all, music fosters a sense of fellowship among listeners and musicians alike.

Our Doctrine

The New Apostolic Church is a church in which people feel at home and, inspired by the Holy Spirit and their love for God, align their lives to the gospel of Jesus Christ and thus prepare themselves for His return and eternal life.



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The History of the
New Apostolic Church in Nigeria

The New Apostolic Church has its roots in the nineteenth century. In around the year 1830 individuals and groups in England and Scotland began praying for an “outpouring of the Holy Spirit”.








New Apostolic Church Worldwide

The New Apostolic Church can be found all over the world.



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